2017-2018 Jackman School Council Budget

2017-2018 Jackman School Council Budget

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2017-18 School Council Budget (Nov06).

We finished last year with a significant turn around of a troubling fundraising trend, and we’re starting this one with more of the same good news. Our interim results show that pizza lunch looks set to post another record, Harvest Fest came in with its strongest year and we’re raising more money than before with our own Jackman Gear. So, thank you very much for your incredible generosity!

It’d be fair to say that we have what it takes to make a difference for this year and beyond. As you’ll see in this year’s approved budget, we are increasing our support for our kids education in a wholistic way. The plan is to invest a total of $39,000 in a combination of (i) access to technology (as per Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Papadopoulos direction and the results of the parent survey), (ii) extras for classrooms, (iii) additional programs for math and sciences (IXL, Scientists in School), (iv) support for languages (RAZ Kids, A-Z Reading), (v) art and culture (Prologue to the Performing Arts) and, for the first time in years, (vi) a significant investment into physical education supplies.

In fact, we’ll be calling for help from the parent community to think out-of-the-box and see what other activities and programs we could roll out from Council to further enhance our kids’ education. Stay tuned in the weeks to come!

We also voted on a budget for each of our Council committees. In order not to steal their show, I’ll let them speak for themselves. But if you’d like to have an wholistic picture of what they are all planning, let us know and we’ll forward that information.

I’ll make an exception to that, as the $20,000 we penciled in for Strategic Planning is indeed quite significant. This is money that, if available at the end of the year, we’d like designate to the “field of dreams” – a redesign of our outdoors area to which everyone is welcome to contribute ideas. This is an expensive multi-year project for which we’ll be needing to raise well over $100,000 as we finalize the master plan and go through the stipulated TDSB process. This year’s allocation is to start “pre-funding” or, more colloquially, we’re just getting ready for the big bill!

All and all, we are forecasting net fundraising for $71,500 and expenses of c.$79,700. The shortfall of just over $8,000 can be easily managed with the available balance coming from last year. At this time, I do not foresee any significant cashflow difficulties – although some of the money we’ve raised in the past is restricted to certain uses, and that may, if there are surprises, put a little pressure towards the end of the year.

Think of it as a way to keep you engaged in our finances and what Council is up to! As always, we invite all parents to the monthly meetings. Recall that we have childcare available if needed, and above all, that all ideas and opinions are truly welcome!

Nahuel Arruda-Starzenski, Treasurer Co-Chair

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