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Hey Jackman families!  We’re are Jackman’s Eco Team and we’re here to tell you about Jackman’s new eco blog!    You are probably aware of our first blog,   It’s a great way to keep up to date on eco projects at Jackman.   

Now there’s a new blog – we call it Waste-Free-Jackman!  It’s where you will find delicious recipes for your child’s snacks and lunches.   Best of all, these foods are waste-free (unlike the ones you buy at the store).  Everything is easy to make and tasty too!   Did we mention that these recipes are waste-free?   There’s even a recipe for Mr. Cressman’s famous chocolate chip cookies.   You’ll also find recipes for sandwiches, granola bars, muffins and more. 


What are you waiting for?  Check out our Waste-Free-Jackman blog today!   Better yet, subscribe and you’ll get an email every time we post a new recipe. 



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