Waste Audit

Waste Audit

Yep!  We did it again.  Another waste audit.  We saved all of Jackman’s garbage for one whole day and conducted a thorough investigation.  We will now use this data to encourage everyone to reduce garbage at school.  Are you ready for this?  The total mass of Jackman’s garbage for one whole day was 19 kg!  That’s 5 kg less than last year.  Actually, it’s our lowest waste audit score EVER.  Way to go, Jackman!

Yet, there’s still lots of work to do, many improvements to make.  Get ready to learn about some common garbage mistakes at Jackman.

We found 1kg of recyclables.  These are things that should have been placed in a recycling bin, not a garbage can.  Some papers and boxes, 6 juice boxes, several plastic food containers and plastic bottles, plastic bags, some plastic spoons and forks (yep, even they can be recycled).

We also found 3 kg of food in the garbage.  That’s actually more than last year.  Looks like the kids at Jackman are falling back into the habit of throwing their lunch foods away in the garbage.  (Ahem… 3rd floor kids!) Food is supposed to be eaten… or composted.   Food should never go in the garbage.  We hope kids can get that right.


We had 3kg of paper towels and other soiled papers.  That’s a lot less than last year.  Seems like our school’s green bin program is working.


We also found 1kg of things that should have been reused.  Things like pencils and markers, snack containers, water bottles, cups, toys and playdough.   We hope everyone can be more mindful about reusing these things.


There were also other ‘odd’ things in the garbage, like batteries.  Please set aside batteries for special recycling.   We also found rocks and bark… very odd.  These belong outdoors in nature.   That’s 1 more kilogram.


That leaves us with 10 kg of ‘real’ garbage.   Things like snack wrappers (LOTS of them), coffee cups (16 of them), black plastic, broken toys and more.  Unfortunately, these are heading to Toronto’s landfill.   With a few thoughtful changes, we can reduce ‘real’ garbage at school.


With knowledge comes change.  Let’s use this information to continue our waste reductions efforts at school.   Less garbage mistakes, and less real garbage in general.  Together, we can Make Less Garbage at Jackman!   For more details about this waste audit and other eco team projects, check out our blog, jackmanecoteam.blogspot.ca

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