See Our Field of Dreams Plans at Harvest Fest!

See Our Field of Dreams Plans at Harvest Fest!
Dear Jackman families,
We have some exiting news to share with you!  Our new schoolyard master plan drawing is complete and will be on display in the office during Harvest Fest this coming Friday. So please drop by to see the exciting new design!

PHASE 1 of the schoolyard revitalization will encompass the portable area of the schoolyard.  This tired, underused area is about to be transformed!  We have negotiated with the TDSB to pay for the asphalt replacement and complete fencing removal and we will fund a painted, multi-sport court surface and accompanying elements.  This will allow for multiple activities to take place in an exciting new space.  Thanks to the joint effort of our wonderful Jackman parent community and the TDSB, Phase 1 fundraising is complete and this work is scheduled to commence in 2019!

PHASE 2 of the schoolyard revitalization can commence in 2020 (if fundraising is successful) and will include a brand new running track, baseball diamond revitalization, running long jump pit improvements and additional elements, such as storage and designated soccer field lines!  In Phase 2, we have negotiated with the TDSB to pay for and install a new climbing structure in a new location on the east side of the asphalt.  This phase is estimated to cost us $150,000 and we are working hard to fundraise for this now.  In order to proceed with Phase 2, we MUST have the funds in place by June 2019.  In future phases, we hope to work on a new maze/sensory garden, basketball net improvements and TDSB refinishing of the remaining asphalt.

We hope you will make this dream come true by supporting the revitalization of the Jackman schoolyard.  It’s simple and easy.  Just click here and follow the directions to make a donation to the Field of Dreams!

We are excited to show you our new schoolyard plan on October 26th at Harvest Fest in the main office!

Strategic Planning/Steering Committee