Volunteer for Jackman Maple Syrup Season!

Volunteer for Jackman Maple Syrup Season!

Winter is nearing an end and spring is just around the corner. You know what that means… Maple Syrup Season at Jackman will soon begin. Our maple tree project is a lot of fun and educational for our students, but we need a lot of help from eager parent volunteers to make it happen!

We can’t say exactly when we’ll start or what our timelines look like at this point – it all depends on the weather, as we need need the right temperatures to tap our trees. In the meantime, please consider lending a hand by signing up to volunteer for one of the following jobs.

1. Tapping Trees: When the temperatures are just right, we will organize a day to tap the trees. Several classes will be involved. It will be a great educational experience for kids. If you are interested in participating in tree tapping day, please contact Rolf at rolf.struthers@gmail.com. Date TBD.

2. Collecting Sap: During the school week, many classes will be involved in collecting sap. But we will need help from families on weekends and during March Break. We are also collecting weather and sap data with a shared Google doc. If you’re interested in helping in this way, please contact Mr. Cressman at paul.cressman@tdsb.on.ca.

3. Boiling Down the Sap: Perhaps the biggest job, boiling down the sap is a long, slow process. We need some backyard enthusiasts to help us do this. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Email Rolf if you are eager to help in this way, rolf.struthers@gmail.com.

4. Maple Syrup Festival: To wrap up a successful season, we will engage the whole school with a maple syrup celebration. If you can help with serving pancakes and fresh maple syrup, please contact Mr. Cressman at paul.cressman@tdsb.on.ca. Date TBD.

Looking forward to enjoying another sweet treat from Jackman’s schoolyard!