2018-2019 Jackman School Council Financial Results

Treasurer’s general comments on the 2018-2019 financial results:

Overall, a great year for Jackman School Council and the Jackman Avenue Public School community with net revenue growth of 8.6% year-over-year, to $89,588 from $82,490 last year and 21.7% greater than 2017. A very aggressive Field of Dreams target of $53,000 and underperforming Dance-a-Thon created significant downward pressure on actuals to target objectives. Total assets for the start of this year are $154,000 to support school programs and strategic objectives such as Field of Dreams. We note 2018-2019 ‘run-the-school’ expenditures ~$41,000. 

Revenue centre comments:

  • Spring Fair: $7,400 favourable to target driven by robust donation environment ($13,000).
  • Pizza Days: $5,800 increase in net proceeds. We note expenses stayed flat year-over-year (~$16,000), contributing to a solid margin of 57%.
  • Harvest Fest: Experienced a modest increase in net revenue to target of $400 – essentially flat on expenses year-over-year.
  • Jackman Gear: $3,000 unfavourable to target, however we note the program is net positive with revenues of $4,400 vs. expenses of $4,100 We experienced downward margin pressure from early season inventory purchases for gear ($2,500 in October and November). We also point out fees from sales platform Shopify of ~$300. A review of inventory to identify top performers is underway to gauge market demand.
  • MVP: Solid performance $2,500 favourable to target.
  • Dance-a-Thon: Underachieved ~$9,000 unfavourable to target based on mismanagement. Approach is under review.
  • Field of Dreams: Unfavourable to target due to very aggressive ask of $53,000 and coming in at $25,000. We note donation environment continues to be strong, as evidenced by steady state of donation stream during the fiscal year.

Although we are encouraged by year-over-year growth of revenue to satisfy our strategic goals, obvious areas for improvement remain.

We also note ~$7,000 in unpaid liabilities are outstanding (e.g.: Math Manipulatives cheque $~$3,000, $2,500 for Indigenous Mosaic)

David Smith, 2018-2019 Jackman School Council Treasurer Co-Chair