2019-2020 Parent Council

Jackman School Council Mission Statement
The Jackman School Council exists to provide a forum through which parents and other members of the school community can contribute to improving student achievement and the student experience. The Jackman community strongly values academic achievement, holistic programming, environmental awareness, equity, diversity and community involvement.

This year’s parent council includes the following positions and members: 

Position Name
Co-Chair  Nahuel Arruda-Starzenski
Co-Chair  Astrid Jacques
Secretary Neil Faba
Treasurer Co-Chair David Smith
Treasurer Co-Chair Amy Vanderhill
Fundraising Chair VACANT
Spring Fair Co- Chair Sara O’Neill 
Spring Fair Co- Chair Gloria Lo
Outdoor Environment Committee Co-Chair Jennifer Drummond
Outdoor Environment Committee Co-Chair Heather Connor
Volunteer/Social Co-Chair Ellen Goodman
Volunteer/Social Co-Chair VACANT
Education (French) Representative Eranda Gjomema
Education (English) Representative Peter Delis
Equity Co-Chair Denise Highgate
Equity Co-Chair Cameron Kirkwood
Strategic Planning Co-Chair Angela Mandalas
Strategic Planning Co-Chair VACANT
Communications Co-Chair Maya Fitzpatrick
Communications Co-Chair Jaclyn Atwood-Powell
Members at Large Helen Moshis
Members at Large Wendy Chau
Community Representative Theodora Rowlands
Community Representative Liz West
Teacher Representative (English) VACANT
Principal (non-voting) Allina Lee
Non-Teaching Staff Member VACANT