Communication Co-Chairs

  • Important liaison between the parent community and the school
  • Communicate regularly with Jackman families regarding council activities
  • Gather information and write articles/pieces for school and/or council newsletter, website, blogs, etc. working in coordination with the Principal
  • Technical website/email/blogging activities
  • Responsible for ensuring that the Website is populated and up to date (
  • Liaise with the incoming Chairs to ensure smooth transition


Our role:

  • increase the seamless communication between home and school through engaging means
  • continue to build engaging content on the Jackman website
  • use the Jackman website to house downloadable forms
  • increase collaboration with the school and the parent community through digital tools, like the website and an e-newsletter
  • regular e-newsletter using MailChimp (or other) in order to track engagement, allow a simple opt-in/out process, and use an updated and modern tool vs. an attachment *work to ensure every parent has access to the newsletter
  • potentially migrate to a dedicated URL for the Jackman website
  • explore channels such as Facebook and Twitter to share messages with the community (see Wilkinson, Withrow, Frankland, and others)
  • execute and communicate any findings from surveys or polls with Council and the school

Additional Goals

  1. Growth of the Website and Online Presence: the Jackman School Community website has been growing an audience. We would like to see this initiative continued going forward, and would like to propose the addition of a page of downloadable forms (typical back to school stuff), a link to subscribe to an electronic newsletter (feeding directly into our parent list housed in MailChimp). The Council could also increase its social media presence through channels like Twitter and Facebook, which are engaging social networks in use by many other schools and councils. People for Education is also a great resource for online communication tools, tips, and training.


  1. Surveys: we feel that it is important to engage community parents by asking their opinions. Simple tools like Survey Monkey can be used to send surveys and polls to parents. Some ideas include topics that parents would like to see included in Speaker Sessions, guest bloggers, budget issues etc. This tool to get input from the parent community has been underused in the past.


  1. Resources: to develop a resource list of engagement tools that schools and parents can use to foster communication. Suggestions include Edsby (, Edmodo (, Class Dojo (