Outdoor Environment

Outdoor Environment Co-Chairs

  • Maintain and enhances the Jackman gardens, green roof and outdoor spaces with the help of committee members (bulb planting, weeding, acquisition of necessary materials)
  • Aid in the composting programs, Garden Club, Earth Day, Eco tours and educations outreach
  • Oversee harvest Festival and OE’s contribution to the Spring Fair
  • Arrange and chair regular committee meetings and includes teacher POR
  • Manage the budget OE budget
  • Liaise with the incoming Chairs to ensure smooth transition


Key Activities:

  1. Lead and organize the Harvest Festival
  2. Bulb planting: each student planted a bulb. That included bulb purchase, organized schedule with teachers, and volunteered hours over a number of days to lead and plant the bulbs with each classroom.
  3. Outreach: communicate with other schools, ask questions and conduct tours of Jackman Gardens.
  4. Monthly gardening Events: Host several community gardening events on various Wednesdays after school hours and on Saturday afternoons, for opportunity for families to contribute to the garden.
  5. Installed a time-lapse camera on the green roof
  6. Spring and Fall classroom gardening: Work with classrooms to plant and work in the Jackman gardens, including: purchasing plant material, organizing the schedule with teachers, and volunteer a number of hours in June, to garden with each classroom.
  7. Host the garden area for the Spring Fair. This part of the fair is organized independently and does not require support from the volunteer or spring fair committees.
  8. Fence the maze. Install the fence around the maze in the early spring then remove it after the plants have had opportunity to grow.
  9. Planting
  10. Compost – maintain the compost system
  11. Support Eco Schools – work with teachers and the school’s eco team to help maintain Platinum Status.
  12. Green Roof maintenance.
  13. Summer watering – organize and recruit volunteers for summer watering of the gardens
  14. Advocate with City Councillors to fight green roof exemptions for TDSB and TCDSB.
  15. Communications – post to the Jackman News and blog on a weekly basis.
  16. Retirement plantings
  17. Indoor gardening – support new indoor garden in stair well, sunflower contest