Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Co-Chairs

  • Coordinate regular meetings with principal to discuss short-term and long-term initiatives or goals of the school and report back to council
  • Submit proposals (to be agreed to by principal) on programs to support student achievement (like LTTA), capital initiatives, long-range spending planning or matters that support the SIP (school improvement plan)
  • Current Project is the Masterplan which is a multi-year initiative
  • support optimizing sport and play in the outdoor spaces (basketball nets, tetherball, etc.)
  • Liaise with the incoming Chairs to ensure smooth transition


The purpose of our committee is to add value to the school and see any opportunities where we can enhance the learning and experience of the students.

In 2013-14 we established the Outdoor Living Bins program to support the students Daily Activity and Recess/Lunchtimes, in coordination with Mr Gord Baker.  The Bins will need to be maintained or “toped up” each year.  Cost approx. $500-$1000.

We also investigated and committed to the Royal Conservatory’s Learning Through The Arts Program (for 2014-15) which provides instructors who work with Jackman teacher to creatively teach math/science through the arts.  This was in response to the Canada-wide drop in math scores.