Volunteer & Social Co-Chairs

  • Oversee any volunteer needs within the school, organize social events and outreach
  • Organize and distribute class room contact lists of class reps and create database of various volunteer lists (bakers, staff luncheon, etc.)
  • Recruit and organize parent and teen volunteers for Spring Fair
  • Organize year end Staff Luncheon and interview night dinners for teachers
  • Coordinate baked good donations for various annual events (Harvest Fest, Spring Fair)
  • Purchase and send congratulation/consolation gifts to staff as necessary
  • Manage budget for Acts of Kindness
  • Plan and oversee MOVIE NIGHTS – these dates need to be determined in September with a minimum of 4/year
  • Organize sub-committee to plan annual Parent Social

Liaise with the incoming Chairs to ensure smooth transition


The Committee is comprised of co-chairs – it is highly recommended that there are 2 people to share the workload. The Committee engages with several groups of volunteers in the school who are identified at the beginning of the school year through the Volunteer Opportunities online sign-up – Class Representatives, Outdoor Environment volunteers, Spring Fair volunteers, Teacher/classroom help, Teacher Luncheon and Baking volunteers.


Budget requirements:

Acts of Kindness (see below) – $1,000

Social events – (see below) – $1,000



In September, parents will complete the online Volunteer Opportunities form. The Volunteer Opportunities form allows parents to sign up for our various lists: Class Rep, Outdoor Environment, Spring Fair, Baking, Teacher/classroom help and Teacher Luncheon. The Communications team will collect these forms and forward them on to you. Identify and contact parents who have volunteered themselves as Class Representatives for Parent Council in each class. Where no volunteer has come forward, actively recruit a Class Rep from the parents.

Once Class Reps have been identified, each Class Rep is responsible for compiling a master list spreadsheet for their classroom, including student name, parents name, email addresses and phone numbers as well as any volunteering identified. This sheet is sent back to the V/S Committee and all classroom lists must be returned.





In September

–          organize and order meal for the teachers during Curriculum Night.

–          Ensure that Movie License, purchased through acf-film.com is valid, and set Movie Nights for the year (at least 4)

In October

–          organize and order meal for the teachers during Interview Night.  Assist Outdoor Environment Committee with the Harvest Festival; contact Baking List for Bake Sale and assist if they require any extra volunteers at the event.

In December

–          remind Class Reps if they want to organize a teacher gift it needs to be done outside of school.

In February

–          organize and order meal for the teachers for the second Interview Night.

–             Organize PARENT SOCIAL to strengthen parent community.  The environment would be evening, cash bar, music, dancing, cover costs and consider SILENT AUCTION.

In March

–          prepare volunteer sign-up sheet packages for the class reps to use to recruit volunteers from each class to run the various activities at the Spring Fair. Prepare and photocopy sign-up sheets for each individual classroom and deliver to each classroom. Also begin to recruit teenage volunteers to help run the Spring Fair. The Fair needs these teenage volunteers to run the events as extra helpers and their involvement is paramount to the successful running of the day. The most effective way to do this is by sending an email to Guidance staff of local high schools.

In April

–          help class reps to recruit volunteers, making sure each class rep responds, reminding them many times to respond and finally, making sure that all time slots are covered at the Fair activities.

–          Recruit teen volunteers from neighbourhood families and local high schools.

In May

–          at the Spring Fair, run the Volunteer/Info table. This table does: First Aid, lost and found, teenage volunteer check in and parent help. Fill in with any help that is needed.  Organize teenage volunteers and keep them moving throughout the Fair as help is needed. The teenage volunteer turnout is around 40 kids. Each volunteer receives an official letter at the end of the day stating the hours they worked.

In June

–          organize and run the Teacher/Staff Luncheon. This is the Luncheon put on by the parent community to thank the teachers. It is set up pot-luck-buffet style in the library with parents cooking and serving and our teachers sitting at lovely adorned tables with tablecloths and flowers.  It’s a really nice, feel-good event at the end of the school year and a great chance for us to say thank you to our children’s teacher(s) and the administration staff. Committee duties; recruit parents to cook and serve (using the list created in the Fall), rent table linens and serving ware for the day of the event, invite the Teachers, host the event and then recruit more help to clean up.




–          Help plan Grade Six Farewell, (costs of which must be considered in budget; in 2013/14 $500 was given for food and decor)

–          remind parent reps to provide cut up watermelon for the school ‘Fun Day’, usually in the last 2 weeks of school.

–          remind class reps that if they want to organize a teacher gift, that needs to be done outside of the school.


On-going throughout the year:


–      Family Movie Night: Purchase the license for public viewings of movies that will cover the whole of the school year.  In September choose dates for at least four Family Movie nights, (held in the GPR on Friday evenings) and procure TDSB permits for those nights. Provide popcorn for the families. It will be helpful to have parent volunteers assisting with set-up (Popcorn popping) and clean-up of Movie Night. After the event, the GPR must be swept, all debris and waste removed, and the mats must be cleaned.   *enough popcorn in basement to last 10 years!

–          Under the heading Acts of Kindness, it is our task to identify members of our school community that Parent Council would like to recognize; sympathy cards and donations for deaths in our School community, flowers for staff who are ill, gifts and cards for staff who have had babies, etc.


–          Lice checks occur on a monthly basis so it is our task to make sure there are 2-3 volunteers to assist the Public Health nurse in checking the children.