Field of Dreams Update


Children’s corner

“I like the new area of the field, I haven’t seen as much grass in a while. I do gymnastics and cartwheels with my friends.”

“I think the track is good and super fun to run on. I really like the new colours on the lanes, and the red lane is my favourite!”

“I like the sport court a lot, it’s pretty fun. We usually play “Colour on Your Clothes” or line tag. In gym class, we play on it with different games with our teacher.”

“I like the line games, we can play tag and four square. We have been on the track and we run and have races with our friends.”

“I love it!! The rock climbing and the lily pads move and I like being able to see over the structure and the lily pads move so fast. The little ladder that’s curved makes me go curved! The little staircase takes you all the way to the top and I like that. I like to swing in the bars.”

“I like it, we play on the monkey bars and we play American Ninja Warriors on it.”

“I like the part of the structure where you can climb, and the monkey bars are good so you can swing.”

“I like it, the part where it’s a staircase you can go up and stand up there.”

What teachers are saying …

“It’s a good space to teach in as there’s a good variety of spaces to play in. There’s nice level ground which is good for a number of physical activities.”

“It’s amazing. I’m using everything that is there, from the bottom of my heart it’s wonderful. I use every single part of the yard in my phys ed program.”

“One student even said to me, “You know what, Mr. Recke? Dreams DO come true.”

(about the play structure)
“I like it, it’s for every age group. It’s a little high but all the levels and different places are great so you can increase the complexity for your whole class. Some students travel through the different parts like a circuit and the different platforms are great. The climbing wall is also great, students have gotten to know what feels safe enough for them while traveling on it. The favourite thing is the twisty platforms and the web, it’s wobbly and provides variation. The rock wall is a nice little hangout too. They use it in lots of different ways.”

“The kids are really enjoying it. The rock wall is cool. Only the coolest playgrounds have rock walls.”

“I think they’re great. The kids love that they have monkey bars, they get to do something new. Going across is really hard but the students, especially the girls, feel proud because their muscles are getting stronger.”

Principal Lee “The Field of Dreams represents, and is evidence of, the collaboration, coordination, and commitment made by the parents, staff and students, and community of Jackman. The enhanced outdoor playing areas provide an incredible array of opportunities for students to wonder, explore, and observe what is possible in these spaces. Students at Jackman find themselves engaging in different and unique ways to the physical spaces and are given many ways to access their environment. Students access the field in structured and flexible ways; through classroom programming which encourages students to consider ways to demonstrate physical literacy or ecological/environmental literacy, or through individualized or collective inquiries as part of recess or lunch free play. In particular, students can learn from the ways in which their classmates and peers approach the physical spaces and build on their own capacity to be curious, brave, and safe. Thank you again to the FOD Steering Committee and JSC Strategic Planning, as well as our donor and supporting families for your years of service to the students, staff, and community of Jackman Ave JPS.”

MORE to come!
 a storage shed for the outdoor environment activities to be installed in November

We recognize there are some deficiencies with the painted areas, and those will all be resolved between now and next spring, weather permitting.

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Liz West & Theodora Rowlands
FOD Steering Committee

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