The Master Plan

Dear Jackman Parent Community



Jackman Public School has a proud history of innovative and enviable school ground improvements and greening thanks to the hard work of parents on the Outdoor Environment Committee.  Over the past decade many new additions have enhanced the outdoor space for our kids including; more than 5 gardens including a hearty vegetable garden (The Learning Garden), an outdoor classroom area, 15-20 new trees, seating rocks, onsite compost, play logs, and butterfly gardens.  These additions have improved the school yard for play and for environmental education and as well have provided inspiration to many other schools.


What remains works adequately for most activities, however the issues are well understood, and were reinforced in the 2016 survey completed by the parent community – a field that is often closed after a rainfall (due to muddy areas), more opportunities needed for students to play interactively on the paved areas, the loss of a climbing structure in winter of 2015, and a lack of proper sports/activity amenities.



We see these school yard challenges as an opportunity to come together and create a new and exciting outdoor space for our kids to play and explore.  Together we can address the current concerns and continue to incorporate environmental education and sustainable practices at the school.



Step one requires research and consultation in order to create an overall organized vision. The Masterplan planning process will engage all school and community stakeholders, providing high quality vision and a plan that will enable the school to secure funding and make our collective vision a reality.


In the coming weeks and months we will be asking you for your input. Surveys and consultation meetings will be taking place before the end of the school year!  (The original meeting date of Tuesday April 18th has been postponed.) Stay tuned for more details.


If you have any questions or would like to get more involved, please contact



Jackman School Yard Steering Committee                      4/16/17