2016-2017 Financial Results

2016-2017 Financial Results

I’d like to preface our school’s financial results by saying that if there’s anyone in the community would like to be involved in the treasury function, I’d appreciate a bit of help starting in September (I’d be happy for either one to take the lead or assisting role). In the treasury function, you’ll gain both a wide and detailed understanding of everything that we do for Jackman, and your input will be crucial in helping determine where to allocate our net fundraising dollars. Anyone interested, please email me directly at nahuel@rogers.com.

Our 2016-17 financial year came to an end on July 31st. I’m attaching the results from all of our activities. I’m particularly excited to note that this has been a year of successful transition. We’ve renewed the composition of the council, bringing new faces and fresh ideas. The Dance-a-thon is a great example, having raised just shy of $10,000 in an activity that our kids just can’t wait to do again. And we’ve also seem to have been able to run farther and more nimbly: our monthly Pizza Day was able to fundraise 53% more than last year’s record, increasing uptake and, at the same time, using discounted, pre-paid gift cards and coordinate an HST exemption to substantially bring down costs. Together with an extremely reinvigorating and successful Spring Fair, our net fundraising was up 23% compared to our plan.

This is a significant achievement for two reasons. First, we were not able to hold the annual raffle, as there had been some compliance issues with our lottery licence documentation that we were not able to resolve in time. Second, we were able to stop and reverse the double and troubling trend of decreasing revenues and increasing costs, squeezing our net fundraising margins, as you’ll be able to see in our historical financials.

In short, we will be entering the 2017-18 school year in a much better position than our previous year. This is true financially, and, in my view, particularly so because as a council we are able to listen and implement new and exciting ideas for the benefit of our children’s school.

I conclude with the hope that you assess how much you’d like to volunteer for the school and, particularly, consider being part of what is rapidly becoming a fun and effective parent council. We can use more ideas and points of view to make Jackman even better.

Most sincerely,

Nahuel Arruda-Starzenski Treasurer, Jackman School Council

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